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9 Amp DIGITAL Bidirectional Motor Controller w/ Braking

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   P/N: BIDIR-309-D


Datasheet (PDF)

The BIDIR-309-D is a fully solid-state motor controller that allows you to control the speed and direction of a brushed DC motor using a potentiometer, a 0-5V voltage level, push buttons or logic pulses. Logic DIR and BRAKE inputs control motor direction and braking. Automatic current limiting protects the controller and motor from overload conditions. Additional safety features include reversed-battery protection, over-temperature protection, and over/under-voltage protection. Optional soft-start ramps up the speed of the motor when starting and reversing to limit stress to mechanical linkages and power supplies. A high efficiency full H-bridge allows for minimal power loss while delivering up to 9 amps to the motor.


  • Forward / Reverse Control
  • Braking input (full brake)
  • 5k potentiometer or 0-5V control
  • Push button speed control option
  • Microcontroller input option
  • Jumper-selectable soft-start function
  • Logic Enable input

Safety Features:

  • Automatic Current Limiting
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Over/under voltage protection
  • Reverse polarity protection


  • 9 Amps maximum continuous current
  • 6 - 26 VDC operation
  • PWM Range: 0% - 100%
  • 1.5 kHz switching frequency


  • Terminal blocks for signal and power connections

Technical Documents:

Datasheet (PDF) (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Application Notes:

When choosing a controller based on your input voltage requirements, please note that a fully charged 12V nominal lead-acid battery can reach 14 volts. Please check to ensure that the battery pack voltage does not ever exceed the absolute maximum rated voltage of the motor controller.


2.1 x 3.1 x 0.8 inches tall.

For a comparison of motor control features, check out the parametric selection guide.

Switch Connection Diagrams for use in Analog Mode:

This bidirectional controller can be wired to provide forward/reverse/stopped speed control in a variety of ways. The following switch configurations should be used in situations where the motor does not coast much after power is removed. Such examples include linear actuators, or other loads where there is sufficient friction to stop the motor quickly after power is removed.

1) Push button switch control, reduced speed reverse

Two simple SPST push buttons can be used to activate the motor in forward or reverse when pushed. When the buttons are released, the motor stops. A diode is required in the reverse position. The voltage drop in the diode produces the result of a slower maximum reverse speed.

2) Push button switch control, full range speed forward and reverse

Similar to configuration 1, this setup allows for two push buttons to activate the motor in forward or reverse when pushed. Instead of a diode, a DPST push button is required for the reverse switch. This allows for forward and reverse operation at the same speed.

3) Push button switch control, reduced speed forward and reverse

If a DPST push button switch is not available or is not practical, two diodes may be used to provide equal forward and reverse speeds using simple SPST push buttons. As with configuration 1, the voltage drop across the diode reduces the maximum speed achievable, so this is useful in situations where the maximum speed is never needed.

4) Single Rocker Switch Control (Center Off)

Instead of two separate push buttons, a momentary, center-off rocker or toggle switch may be used. This allows for a very simple interface, and equal forward and reverse speeds.

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